Saturday, May 23, 2009

Collab w/ Jon

High quality drinking surplus cardboard, metal
flesh, shining exposure.
Bulbs burst with jealousy as the homeless
Man behind your stretched face tonight
rips his corduroy pants to expose an erection –
The facility, a useful member of society
dared dark rooms waiting spoiled light shrivels upon
exposure the leftover negatives of a post-life moment
in time. Existential proofs considering pre-reality, flash
points to live by. It was framed perfectly adjusted balances
and we shuddered shutters in 1/3 the time –
blasting emulsion from our ink stained fingertips covering
each other’s throats and mechanical parts with sticky
ever-altered unloving cells basking in the glory of the
yet-to-be. Spoken moats, ever-collected remnants
estranged. Idyllic siren melody ringing like stray cats
fighting over the last scrap of skin in the back dumpster
while the neighbors watch porno at a cosmic volume –
Let’s do this – let’s take the few snapshots remaining
and burn them, send them into the atmosphere to
the Brazilian woods where, while we can never
speak of it, they will wait there until the trees
are cut down and turned into Polaroid paper.

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